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Hey, I'm Raquel!

I am a small-town girl with big-time dreams. I am a proud graphic designer based out of High Point, NC. With nearly a decade of graphic design experience, I am passionate about helping people bring their ideas to life with design-oriented solutions. My natural go-getter mentality drives me to take on new challenges and learn new skills.

When I'm not cranking out dope design work in my home office, you will most likely find me cleaning and organizing my house, snuggling with my fur baby, or working out at the gym.

Fun Facts

  • I have a fraternal twin sister who is also a graphic designer.

  • My guilty pleasures include spending hours binge-watching true crime tv shows, working on puzzles, indulging in thrift shopping, and listening to organization podcasts.

  • I enjoy extreme couponing and living a frugal lifestyle that provides financial freedom for my future.

Photo of Raquel Stubblefield

I had the privilege of working with Raquel as her art director at Eye Integrated Communications. Raquel came to Eye as an intern during her senior semester of college and was one of the best young professionals I've ever worked with. Raquel is a problem-solver who is dedicated to finding great visual solutions to design challenges. She consistently delighted everyone with thoughtful design solutions to our client's problems. Raquel has the rare ability to distill an idea into a powerfully designed solution and do it on a consistent basis week in and week out.

Phillip Winn | Art Director, Eye Integrated Communications

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